• PROJEX Consulting Process

Sustainable growth and profitability requires clear alignment between your overall business strategy and investments undertaken to optimize business performance. Project Execution Network can support you every step of the way … from initial “As Is” assessments of current functions and processes, through strategic planning, “To Be” roadmap development, project staffing and execution.

Strategic Business Development

Our Consulting Process

The PROJEX Consulting Process helps your management team FOCUS on top priorities, EXECUTE high-impact improvement projects efficiently, and ACCELERATE performance gains across all major functional areas of the business. Compared to legacy consulting methods, our data-driven process is designed to eliminate weeks or months of unwarranted costs and complexity in three stages:

  • Focus

    In the first stage, our consulting process helps your management team focus on the highest priority issues and opportunities, using our industry leading performance analytics toolkit. Begin with our self-assessment tools — a free online resource designed to shed light on business processes that may need improvement. Follow up with an in-depth analysis of targeted processes … our COBRA 3D® business process applications and embedded performance analytics toolkit can help you define and prioritize business optimization projects.

  • Execute

    Turn knowledge into action! Armed with actionable intelligence gained from our COBRA 3D® performance analytics toolkit, your management team can begin prioritizing and planning business development projects with clarity and confidence. Our eBusiness technology platform is purpose-built to help SMBs streamline all project planning and execution activities.

  • Accelerate

    In stage three of the PROJEX Consulting Process, we help accelerate the results of your business development projects with experienced, affordable, on-demand talent. Many of the projects identified in your roadmap will benefit from specialized skills, or extra manpower beyond what’s available internally.  Our Talent Management System can help. Contact our sales and marketing director for assistance, submit an RFP for turnkey project management support, or ask about our Department-as-a-Service™ solutions for longer-term, retainer-based assignments.