Focus: Identify high impact business improvement opportunities in three to five business days.

PROJEX Analytics Toolkit

Our PROJEX Analytics Toolkit aggregates data from industry leading sources to help SMBs rapidly identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in key business areas. Self-assessment tools are available to get the ball rolling, and our performance analytics program adds roadmaps, playbooks and professional support for in-depth analyses.


Project Execution Network uses comprehensive, cross-industry analytical frameworks to classify data and organize assessments within key business functions. Our frameworks provide a “standardized” taxonomy of business functions and sub-functions, allowing clients to objectively track and compare performance against organizations from any industry. These frameworks also serve as the basis for our business development roadmaps and playbooks.

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Performance Assessment Tools and Templates

Project Execution Network offers a collection of free self-assessment tools and guided assessment packages to help your team quickly identify — and act on — opportunities for improvement.

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Roadmaps and Playbooks

Project Execution Network has developed detailed roadmaps to help your management team drill deeper in to improvement opportunities exposed during the self-assessment process … and action-oriented playbooks to help your team execute projects to capitalize on these opportunities.

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COBRA 3D® Methodology

Our COBRA 3D® Business Development Process provides a streamlined, straightforward, common methodology for strategic planning and all related business development activities undertaken by our independent consultants on behalf of Project Execution Network clients.

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Data Mining Tools

Project Execution Network leverages industry-leading business intelligence tools and data sources to curate, model and mine the information our clients need to drive business growth and performance. Our analysts use this data for market analysis, target customer profiling, sales lead development, prospecting and business process benchmarking initiatives.

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Project Execution Network uses cloud-based business intelligence software to aggregate data from multiple sources and present that data in clear, easy-to-understand dashboards. Customizable reports can be compiled from internal and external data to meet your specific requirements. Independent analysts are available to guide your organization through the performance analytics process. We also maintain relationships with research and data management specialists to support your ongoing business intelligence efforts.

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