• Data Mining

Project Execution Network leverages industry-leading business intelligence tools and data sources to curate, model and mine the information our clients need to drive business growth and performance. Our analysts use this data for market analysis, target customer profiling, sales lead development, prospecting and business process benchmarking initiatives.


APQC is the world’s foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement. APQC’s research and expertise covers five core functional areas, including business excellence, finiancial management, human capital management, knowledge management and supply chain management.


Avention aggregates business profile data from over 100 data partners, 20,000 real-time news sources and 1 billion web pages, including social media. Over 40 million companies are represented worldwide, providing accurate, detailed and timely information to support our client’s sales and marketing efforts.


BizMiner tracks 9,000 lines of business at local and national levels. Detailed financial and market analysis tools allow our analysts to sift and match this data to a client’s target customer profiles.

Demand Metric

Our relationship with Demand Metric provides access to a wealth of benchmarking tools and data for process optimization in key marketing and sales functions.


IndustriusCFO provides tools and data for detailed financial performance analyses.