• Business Development Frameworks

The PROJEX Consulting Process is based on an enterprise-level business development framework … a high-level, uniform starting point that can be used to define key business functions. Function-level frameworks can then be adapted for business planning and implementation of tactical function/process optimization projects.

Strategy/Business Planning

Our COBRA 3D® Business Development Process serves as a blueprint for strategic planning. We believe that the insights gained while undertaking this process will serve a small or midsize business far more effectively than the “prescripted strategies” that often result from traditional consulting engagements. This “do it yourself” approach assumes, correctly, that you know your business best. Our role is to serve in an advisory capacity, guiding owners and managers through the strategic business development process. We bring business management experience, functional expertise and an unbiased perspective to the table.

Enterprise Framework

Marketing Management

An integrated marketing program aligns advertising, social media, public relations, direct marketing and other tactical investments with an organization’s overarching objectives … creating a seamless message across all relevant marketing channels and media. Project Execution Network can help you achieve this alignment through research and objective anlayses, followed by specific project recommendations.

Marketing Management Framework

Sales Management

With unprecedented access to information, customers and prospective customers have become extremely adept at identifying and short-listing products and services of interest, and they have little patience for organizations that fail to respond rapidly with answers to their purchase-qualifying questions. Does your sales organization live up to customer expectations? Project Execution Network can help your team benchmark and accelerate key steps in the process.

Sales Management Framework

Operations Management

Operational performance is critical to sustainable growth and profitability. Inventory management, capacity management, direct labor/cost controls and quality management are but a few of many potential areas for analysis and optimization.

Operations Management Framework

Financial Management

From cost controls to cash management, sound financial policies and procedures can help your business team improve financial performance.

Financial Management Framework

Human Capital Management

Most business owners and managers recognize that employees are valuable assets, but few fully understand how to define, measure and optimize employee contributions to the organization. The same is true for contingent workers and independent contractors used to complement the skills and capabilities of permanent staff. Project Execution Network can help, with analytical data, experienced HCM consultants and powerful cloud-based technologies.

Human Capital Management Framework

Information Technology Management

Cloud-based IT solutions provide an opportunity for SMBs to level the playing field vs larger competitors. In fact, many SMBs are learning to leverage the cloud in ways their larger competitors cannot … leading to improved agility and a “business focused” approach to information technology that enhances other business functions and “frees up” working capital.

Information Technology Framework