Future success for small and mid size businesses will be determined, in no small part, by the ability to identify and prioritize opportunities, develop a plan, assemble a team of internal and external resources, and execute strategic business development projects more quickly and efficiently than competitors.

The COBRA 3D® Business Development Process

The COBRA 3D® Business Development Process is a practical, structured methodology for strategic 
business development. This methodology applies basic business principles to help the owners and managers of small and midsize businesses define their current As Is situation, set strategic objectives for planned To Be improvements, and then implement these improvements — through projects — to 
Create Value for owners and investors in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The principles, processes, and strategies outlined in the COBRA 3D® Business Development Process are based on the collective experiences of its authors, which span more than 90 man years of ownership, general management, project management, marketing, sales, operations, and investing experience across a diverse range of manufacturing and service industries. The result is a straightforward, repeatable process that any small or midsize business can use to identify and execute a strategy that is aligned with the investment objectives of its owners.