• Business Development Roadmaps

Our business development roadmaps bundle powerful assessment tools and templates to facilitate step-by-step, in-depth analyses of key processes within each major business function. The end result is actionable intelligence your management team can use to plan, staff and execute “to be” improvements. Roadmaps are embedded in our business process application. Add professional support for a turnkey solution.

Business Development Roadmaps

Our Strategy Execution Roadmap helps SMBs assess their “as is” situation, define a winning strategy, and evaluate investments that can be used to achieve “to be” objectives.

Business Planning Roadmap

Our Go-To-Market Roadmap provides a step-by-step method for assessing existing capabilities and optimizing processes to facilitate your go-to-market strategy. Our Product Development Roadmap provides tools and templates for assessing the strategic alignment of your product portfolio. Tools are also provided to help evaluate the current competitive environment and future prospects for growth and profitability

Go-To-Market Roadmap

Our Sales Cycle Acceleration Roadmap assesses sales capabilities to help improve close rates and reduce the average time needed to close sales.

Sales Cycle Acceleration Roadmap

Our Human Capital Management Roadmap assesses HR capabilities to help improve returns on investments made in personnel and employee development.

HCM Roadmap