• Integrated eBusiness Solutions

The eBusiness solutions offered by Project Execution Network integrate our performance analytics toolkit, one or more business process applications and a cloud-based eBusiness platform … PLUS an array of flexible, on-demand support services to help SMBs achieve their objectives for growth, productivity and engagement.

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SMB eBusiness Solutions

The eBusiness solutions available from Project Execution Network help SMBs integrate the analytics, technology and talent needed to compete and win in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Each eBusiness solution includes a private, cloud-based collaboration platform, valuable embedded business process applications, and ready access to experienced, affordable support resources … on demand.

Growth Solutions

The seamless integration of our ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform’s collaboration capabilities, along with our Strategy Execution, Marketing Automation and Sales Execution applications, is a game changing capability for account-based sales and marketing teams. The real-time content, collaboration, ecommerce, CRM, online training and marketing automation tools create compelling competitive advantages vs. legacy sales and marketing methods.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Our ProjexPro™ Digital Marketing solutions combine web hosting, web content management, digital marketing, ecommerce and collaboration capabilities in one robust, cost-effective package. As a managed solutions provider we offer a solid, scalable technology base and flexible support options to meet your unique marketing requirements. Simply choose a plan, register your domain, then work with our team — using your platform’s built in collaboration tools — to implement your digital marketing strategy.

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Business Productivity Solutions

Project Execution Network’s game changing enterprise mobililty and business process optimization capabilities provide a wealth of tools to help your IT department drive employee productivity across all major business functions. Our productivity solutions include a collaborative eBusiness platform, a powerful IT/Business Process Optimization application and optional integration of expert, on-demand IT service packages, including:

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Employee Engagement Solutions

Employee engagement is essential for SMBs seeking to improve performance and ignite innovation. Engaged employees are passionate about their jobs, committed to quality, loyal to the organization, work well as a team and put discretionary effort into their work. Our Engagement Solutions support:

  • Innovation — Your HR eBusiness platform helps the management team plan and execute HR strategies, with built-in collaboration and training tools for the entire enterprise.
  • HR Administration — The integrated HR information system simplifies management of employee data by automating workflows and enabling employee/management self-service.
  • Change management — Skilled consultants are available on demand to help you align HR policies with strategic objectives.

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Talent Solutions

Our talent solutions provide ready access — on-demand — to a wide range of business process support specialists. Whether you need a single skilled resource, a multi-faceted project team, or a retainer-based Department-as-a-Service™ solution, we can deliver quality, affordable talent to meet your requirements. Our virtual operations center and service automation system allow us to source — and deliver — professional support services efficiently.

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