Digital Marketing Department-as-a-Service

Digital Marketing Department-as-a-Service™

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Website + webstore + marketing tools + extranet + professional support

Digital Marketing Department-as-a-Service™ solutions from Project Execution Network combine powerful website/webstore development tools and a wide range of modular digital marketing tools and marketing support service packages tailored to the needs of your business. Services are managed through our virtual operations center (or your very own virtual office environment) and our automated service delivery system. This winning combination differentiates Project Execution Network from the service offered by legacy digital marketing agencies.

Department-as-a-Service™ solutions are established on a retainer basis to fit your business needs and budget.

Integrated Digital Marketing Capabilities

Our Digital Marketing Department-as-a-Service solutions help SMBs execute their digital marketing strategy by integrating a wide range of digital marketing capabilities in one seamless, affordable, hosted eBusiness platform. Website development capabilities are provided by WordPress, an open source web content management system used by more than 25 percent of web properties (nearly 75 million websites) worldwide. Ecommerce capabilities, landing pages, email marketing and content marketing tools are integrated as modular platform extensions … allowing you choose the tools best suited to your requirements.

Marketing support services (lead generation, email marketing, creative services, content marketing, publicity distribution, pay-per-click and more) are available, on demand, from marketing specialists in our virtual operations center. Internal and external marketing team members coordinate, communicate, collaborate and control marketing initiatives using the platform’s built-in collaboration and project management capabilities.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Simply choose a plan, register your domain, then work with our team — using your platform’s built in collaboration tools — to implement your digital marketing strategy:

  • Design: We’ll work with your team to design a website that is tailor-made to your unique business and branding requirements.
  • Development: From information architecture to writing, illustration, photography and functionality, we’ll help you develop the content and capabilities needed to execute your marketing strategy efficiently and affordably.
  • Deployment: Hosting and technical support are included with every digital marketing solution.

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