Talent Solutions

Many small and midsize businesses are staffed to meet the demands of daily operations, with little capacity available for the research, evaluation, planning and execution activities needed to implement their strategic plan. Project Execution Network can help, with flexible workforce optimization solutions available to accelerate the results of business improvement initiatives:

PROJEX Talent Solutions

Individual Resources

Our Service Partner Directory is designed to facilitate direct connections between SMB owners and managers and experienced independent consultants in their region. This dynamic talent pool provides a wealth of business knowledge and experience, on-demand, to support your business development activities:

  • Business expertise
  • Human resources expertise
  • Information technology expertise
  • Marketing expertise
  • Operations expertise
  • Sales expertise


Need mid- to long-term, department level support? Project Execution Network offers an affordable Department-as-a-Service solution to supplement the skills and capacity available from your internal staff. We work with you to define specific skill sets, experience levels and budget requirements, then assemble a team of qualified independent consultants to serve as an extension of your internal team. Our Department-as-a-Service packages provide agent-of-record protection (department team members work for Project Execution Network as subcontractors) and include a private projex.team platform for close collaboration between internal and external department team members.

Project Management

For complex, cross-functional projects, Project Execution Network can provide complete, turnkey project management services, from initial project planning through project team onboarding, execution and deployment.

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