• Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions

Small and midsize businesses are typically staffed to meet the demands of daily operations, with little capacity available for the research, evaluation, planning and execution of projects to implement their strategic plan. Project Execution Network can help, with flexible “plug in” talent solutions available to accelerate the results of business improvement initiatives … on demand.

PROJEX Talent Solutions

Project Execution Network offers flexible talent solutions for SMBs in need of additional skills or capacity:

For situations where an individual resource is needed, Project Execution Network qualifies potential candidates against our internal evaluation criteria … and then against each client’s requirements based on skill sets, experience levels, geographic considerations, availability and cost.

For mid- to long-term, department level support, we offer affordable Department-as-a-Service™ solutions to supplement the skills and capacity available from your internal staff. We work with you to define required skills, experience levels and budget requirements, then assemble a team of qualified independent consultants (sourced by us or by you) to serve as an extension of your internal team.

For complex, cross-functional projects, Project Execution Network can also provide complete, turnkey project management services, from initial planning through project team assembly, onboarding and deployment.

All of our talent solutions provide agent-of-record protection (team members work for Project Execution Network as subcontractors), a private workspace within our virtual operations center, and, if needed, a ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform for close collaboration between internal and external team members.

ProjexTalent™ vs Legacy Consulting Methods

Electronic delivery of business services is not a concept we simply promote to clients. It is a powerful, disruptive approach to business that we, ourselves have adopted in every way. We believe the convergence of new technologies and emerging trends toward remote work and contingent staffing are driving demand for project-based work solutions that will eventually overshadow conventional approaches to business service delivery, both internally and for professional service organizations:

  • Snail Mail to eMail

    1990 – 2010 … disrupts 1st class mail

  • Brick-and-Mortar Commerce to eCommerce

    2000 – 2017 … disrupts retail/B2C

  • Legacy Business Methods to eBusiness

    2015 – 2022 … disrupts SMB/B2B

Our talent solutions fully embrace the cost-efficiency, flexibility and effectiveness that can be achieved with an eBusiness approach to consulting. From our client-facing virtual operations center, to our back office service delivery automation system and globally-sourced talent pool, we’ve adopted a new business model that offers unparalleled agility, affordability and speed. Our clients serve demanding markets, and they’re looking for professional support solutions that can help them compete and win. We are structured from the ground up to deliver:

Virtual Operations Center

Virtual Operations Center

Our virtual operations center improves team productivity and effectiveness, eliminates travel costs and accelerates the benefits of our client’s project investments.

Service Delivery Automation System

Service Delivery Automation System

Our service delivery automation system helps us locate, qualify and verify resources rapidly. Detailed metadata is used to identify potential resources based on skill set, experience level, hourly rate, geographic location and availability. Once qualified and contracted, the system automates all business transactions, from proposal development and contract management through invoicing and payment processing.

Global Talent Pool

Global Talent Pool

Talent solutions offered by Project Execution Network connect SMB owners and managers with the experienced independent consultants they need to execute strategic projects efficiently. We source talent globally, with qualification, training and certification programs in place to ensure rapid onboarding of new contractors. This dynamic, “global talent pool” provides a wealth of knowledge and experience, on-demand, to support your business development activities.

Services available include:

  • Analytics/market research
  • Strategy/business planning support
  • PR/editorial publicity development and distribution
  • Creative services/content marketing/collateral development
  • Web hosting/website development/web content management
  • Territory analysis/lead development/appointment setting
  • IT managed services/help desk support (network/server/desktop)
  • Remote monitoring/backup and disaster recovery
  • Network/security assessment services
  • Mobile device management
  • IT field service dispatch
  • vCIO consulting

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