Department-as-a-Service™ solutions are established on a retainer basis to fit your business needs and budget. Skill sets, experience levels, responsibilities and availability are tailored to your specific requirements.

Department-as-a-Service Teams

Your team. Your way.

Traditional (full time or contingent) staffing solutions may work well in certain situations, but they rarely offer the flexibility required by SMBs seeking specific skills or capacity to execute strategic business development projects. For highly experienced support within a complex business function, the cost burdens of full-time employment are simply too great to acquire the array of skills needed … and legacy contingent staffing firms often cater to larger organizations with extensive budgets and more generalized needs. Our Department-as-a-Service™ talent acquisition model is designed to tackle this problem head on.

A traditional search for contract workers typically involves numerous interviews, independent status verification, complex contracting requirements and other laborious HR administrative tasks. When you engage the services of a Department-as-a-Service™ team from Project Execution Network, you eliminate these headaches entirely.

With one point of contact, your management team simply defines requirements and sets budget parameters. Our experienced talent management team proposes a retainer-based solution that encompasses all of the skills needed to meet your objectives. You acquire a “vertical slice” of our functional teams at a fraction of the cost you would pay to hire equivalent talent full time or on a traditional contingent basis.

You sign a single service agreement for each functional team, and you pay one monthly bill to us. Your business is insulated from the potential liabilities of worker misclassification, and you’re never required to pay for skills and experience you’re not using.