Independent contractors available through Project Execution Network are represented in our Service Partner Directory. Skill sets, experience, availability and other essential information is included in each member’s profile to help you locate, contact and engage the resources needed to support your business development project staffing requirements.

Expert Project Resources

Direct Contractor Connections

Certified Business Development ProfessionalService Partners listed in our directory are all independent contractors. Most have completed our “Business Development Professional” certification program, a continuing education opportunity provided to instill a common understanding of the strategic business development process. All have access to — and are familiarity with — our consulting technology platform.

To engage the services of one or more individual Service Partners, simply locate their respective profile pages in our Service Partner Directory and initiate contact using the tools and information provided. Our support staff can assist in this effort, on request, to help ensure adequate and timely follow up in compliance with our service standards.

Beyond our efforts to verify that qualifications are accurately represented in each member’s profile, your relationship with individual service providers is completely autonomous … you evaluate the capabilities of each contractor and discuss/negotiate the terms and conditions of individual engagements directly with the service provider.

Skills available within the network include specialists in the following professional service categories: