• ProjexTeam eBusiness Technology Platform
ProjexTeam eBusiness Technology Platform
eBusiness Technology Platform

SMB eBusiness Platform

ProjexTeam™ provides integrated, modular capabilities to help SMBs execute high performance across all major functional areas of their business. We call it our eBusiness Technology Platform. You’ll call it a game-changer for enterprise mobility, team collaboration and cost-effective strategy execution.


By combining cloud-based analytics, business planning and strategy execution technologies with our affordable, on-demand talent solutions, the ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform helps small and midsize businesses achieve strategic clarity and accelerate the velocity of important objectives … with 30% less cost, time and complexity vs. legacy consulting methods. How? By helping our clients:

Optimize performance

  • Analytics: Data-driven methodology and applications
  • Technology: Enterprise mobility/collaboration platform
  • Talent: DIY or globally-sourced resources

Reduce cost structure and response times

  • Automate core business functions
  • Establish enterprise mobility – any device/any time/anywhere
  • Execute growth, productivity and engagement solutions
  • Accelerate strategy execution

Base Platform

The ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform provides a private (company-specific), access controlled (login required), scaleable (1 – 1000+ users) environment for electronic delivery of business services. Our eBusiness platform is fully customizable to meet your specific functionality requirements and budget, and it provides a unique combination of capabilities to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication between internal staff members and external business partners. Key features of the base platform configuration include:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Messaging/notification tools
  • Project planning and activity tracking tools
  • A learning management system (LMS)
  • Content development/management tools
  • Document management tools
  • Event management tools
  • Private portals

Click here to learn more about key platform features.

Hosting Packages

The ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform is a hosted solution. We offer shared, virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated hosting packages to suit the requirements of each client. All of our hosting solutions include 24/7/365 server support, backup/recovery service and security monitoring services.

Website/Ecommerce Tools

ProjexTeam™ is based on WordPress — the world’s most popular web content management system. WordPress currently powers more than 25% of all web properties. Our eBusiness platform leverages the capabilities of WordPress to deliver and manage a powerful combination of public facing (website/webstore) and private (intranet/extranet) environments … all from a single database. This seamless integration of capabilities provides significant opportunities to work more efficiently with internal and external stakeholders.

Business Process Applications

The ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform offers five embeddable applications to help SMBs identify improvement opportunities, benchmark best practices, plan improvement projects and manage work assignments across all major functional areas of your business. Third-party software tools can also be integrated to access additional, process-specific data and functionality. Click here to learn more about our COBRA 3D® Business Process Applications.

Platform Extensions

A wide range of open source software extensions are available to add features/functionality to the ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform. Many are included within our business process applications … others can be added or developed as needed by our professional support team.

Virtual Offices

ProjexOffice™ is a unique virtual workspace for agile, distributed teams. Team members enjoy the proximity, functionality and spontaneous interactions experienced in a physical office … without wasting time and money on unnecessary travel. Features include presence, audio/video communication, screen sharing and more.

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