E-Business Technology Platform

The eBusiness Technology Platform

ProjexTeam™ provides integrated, modular capabilities to help our clients create high-performance distributed teams. We call it our eBusiness Technology Platform. You’ll call it a game-changer for strategic business development.

Team Empowerment

ProjexTeam™ provides essential functionality for SMBs to empower internal and external teams. Collaborate, communicate, coordinate and control business functions … from anywhere and on any device … within your very own private eBusiness platform. ProjexTeam™ is a secure, scaleable, cloud-based platform that helps your teams create, store, organize, share and discuss critical business information. Core functions include:

  • Project planning
  • Project activity tracking
  • Collaboration/networking/messaging
  • Learning management
  • Document management
  • Web development

Website/Ecommerce Development

ProjexTeam™ is based on WordPress — the world’s most popular web content management system — which currently powers more than 25% of all web properties. Our eBusiness platform leverages the capabilities of WordPress to deliver and manage a powerful combination of public facing (website/webstore) and private (intranet/extranet) environments … all from a single database. This seamless integration of capabilities provides significant opportunities to work more efficiently with internal and external stakeholders.

Cost-Effective Customization

ProjexTeam™ is open source software, allowing quick, cost-effective customization:

  • Brand it — Let everyone know ProjexTeam™ is YOUR eBusiness platform, not ours.
  • Extend it — Add/edit/delete content and functionality within ProjexTeam™ to suit YOUR unique business needs.
  • Move it — Host ProjexTeam™ at our data center or on your own server — YOUR data is always yours.

Click here to learn more about the core functions included in the ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform.

Click here to download a copy of our eBusiness platform overview (PDF format).

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