E-Business Technology Platform

Core eBusiness Platform Functions

  • Project Planning

    ProjexPlanner™ provides the tools needed to organize and share important project parameters … in a structured, repeatable manner. When preliminary planning efforts are finalized and approved, relevant data can be transferred instantly to ProjexPress® for task assignment, scheduling, documentation and launch. Click here to learn more about ProjexPlanner™

  • Project Activity Tracking

    ProjexPress® simplifies project coordination, communication, collaboration and control by focusing attention on the high level structure of a project (phases, approval gates, milestones and tasks), and ensuring that responsibilities are clearly visible to all members of the team. Click here to learn more about ProjexPress®.

  • Collaboration/Networking/Messaging/Notifications

    User profiles, activity streams, forums, public/private messaging tools and automatic notifications are provided to keep your team informed.

  • Learning Management

    Your ProjexTeam™ platform includes a built-in, full-featured Learning Management System to support onboarding, knowledge transfer and change management initiatives.

  • Document Management

    Document management tools are available within your eBusiness platform for community-wide and/or group-specific documents. Team members can upload documents in many common formats. Version control, access controls and commenting tools are available.

  • Web Content Management

    From simple extranet updates to development of a complete, ecommerce enabled website, ProjexTeam™ offers powerful content management capabilities. Blog posts, events lists, forms, product catalogs — even custom content types — are easily managed, with intuitive tools available to designated users through the platform’s administrative dashboard.

Click here to download a brief summary of the ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform (PDF format).