ProjexTeam eBusiness Platform

Platform Extensions

Powerful extensions are available to help clients tailor their ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform to support unique business requirements. From design templates to feature plugins and native or integrated applications … ProjexTeam™ can deliver the capabilities your team needs to execute high performance.

  • Design Templates

    Web design templates (themes) are available to facilitate rapid development of an appropriate website/webstore front end for your ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform. Thousands of free (open source) and commercial WordPress themes are compatible for use within ProjexTeam™.

  • Feature/Functionality Plugins

    A plugin adds functionality to your ProjexTeam™ platform without the need for core software modifications. This level of modularity allows significant flexibility for client’s interested in extending the capabilities of their platform without breaking the bank. Project Execution Network is developing our own plugin library to simplify the selection and installation of these tools. Thousands of additional plugins are available through third party developers or the WordPress plugin repository.

  • API Integrations

    A powerful, RESTful API is available to clients within the ProjexTeam™ eBusiness Platform. This API supports CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations between ProjexTeam™ and other cloud-based web services/applications. We use the capability ourselves to integrate CRM (lead and opportunity creation), service delivery (service ticket generation) and marketing automation (email auto-response) features with our consulting technology platform.