PROJEX Virtual Operations Center


Virtual Office Environment

Face-to-face meetings are essential to success in any project, but keeping your team informed between these meetings can be challenging … especially when resources are working from remote locations. With Project Execution Network, you now have a solution … a private, virtual office in our ProjexOffice™ campus.

ProjexOffice™ is a unique virtual workspace for agile, distributed teams. Team members enjoy the proximity, functionality and spontaneous interactions experienced in a physical office … without wasting time and money on unnecessary travel. Features include presence, audio/video communication, screen sharing and more. ProjexOffice™ combines the unique presence, communication, screen sharing and impromptu meeting tools of Sococo’s award-winning TeamSpace™ solution with the power and flexibility of our ProjexTeam™ eBusiness platform. Together, these tools provide business owners, managers and remotely located project team members with unprecedented communication and collaboration capabilities.

Enhanced productivity

ProjexOffice™ provides the amenities, presence and impromptu discussion opportunities inherent in physical office environments, but unlike a traditional project management office, we bring the tools to you! No travel expenses. No lost productivity. No hassle. Sococo’s patented communication and collaboration technologies bring distributed teams together, emulating the advantages of working in close proximity like nothing you’ve seen before.

  • Presence — When you visit a ProjexOffice™ you can actually see other project team members working in your space. Any team member (or guest) in your virtual office can initiative an impromptu conversation or ask an important question — regardless of physical location.
  • Instantaneous meetings — Schedule a meeting with a handful of colleagues — or the entire project team — by sending a quick invite. Meet team members present in your virtual office without prior notice by clicking into their office, “knocking on their door” or assembling in a virtual conference room.
  • Hands-free audio — Multi-party conference calls are as simple as can be. Everyone present in a virtual office, conference room or common space is automatically audio-enabled using their computer’s built-in audio input and output devices. Head sets and other add-on audio devices are supported through user preference settings.
  • Multi-screen sharing — Meeting spaces in ProjexOffice™ are equipped with simultaneously-shareable screens. No need to pass meeting controls back and forth or fumble with complex menus … simply click an available screen and begin sharing.
  • Live video — Meeting participants with video-enabled devices can meet and converse in “face-to-face” high definition video.
  • Guest access — Bring guests (colleagues, project sponsors, vendors, etc.) into any meeting by sending a link or calling them on the phone. No software downloads or access codes are required.
  • Chat — Chat messaging tools are available to contact project team members who are currently away from their virtual office. Chat can be used to communicate discreetly with others in a meeting, or to record, save and share meeting minutes for future reference.
  • Security — Bank level secure encryption on all communications

Working remotely has never been easier!